24 Reunion Panel @ C2E2

If you missed the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) or you didn't catch the live stream of the 24 Reunion Panel with me, Carlos Bernard and Louis Lombardi, you can watch it exclusively right here.

Rated R for colorful language. 


  • This is a fairly large video file (the panel is an hour long) so depending on your connection speed, it may take a moment to load. If the video doesn't start when you hit play, don't worry - it's loading, so please be patient and it will start.

  • There is an HD stream available - just click on the HD icon beneath the player. You can also watch the video at the smaller size within your browser, or click the arrow icon in the bottom right of the player to make it larger and play it fullscreen.

  • If you experience audio issues on mobile devices playing through the in-built speakers, please connect them to headphones/external speakers. This is an issue with the audio we received from the event. 

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